Mars Hill (Speech Event)

We will use all the Stoa categories for this tournament.

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Mars Hill

Description:The competitor uses books, movies, and other genre to discuss the appeal and impact of the theme(s) within the topic, holding them up in light of Christian truth found in the Bible.

Goals: The competitor learns to identify truths common in humanity to find common ground and draw the listener to Christian truths. The competitor will share Biblical principles on a conversational, personal level to inspire reflection, understanding that God's truth is not divorced from culture.

Purpose: Mars Hill is a speech event that trains students to connect culture and Christianity. The name of this event is taken from the Apostle Paul’s speech in Athens as described in Acts 17 where he uses Greek cultural ideas to find common ground to make a connection to Christ. The goal is to have students recognize that God’s truth is not divorced from culture; rather, God’s truth undergirds all of culture because God is the maker and sustainer of all things. In addition, it is intended that students will begin to see shared cultural experiences as a way to draw unbelievers into a conversation about Christ in a natural and understandable way.