Camelback Classic Juniors Tournament

We are very excited to be offering a Juniors Tournament. This will be for students ages 10 - 11 only as of October 1, 2020. We realize some competitors will be 12 by the competition date.

Our Junior Speech Tournament will have 2 rounds . Both of which will be held on Saturday. Please note that Junior Rounds are 1 hour each.

Students may register for up to three different events. $15 per event

Parents, please use discretion in deciding to register very young competitors. If your child will not be able to stand in front of judges and speak without you prompting them, we would advise you against entering them into the competition.

Events Offered:

Junior Apologetics (See below for Questions)
Junior Expository
Junior Impromptu
Junior Interpretation (OI and HI)
Junior Platform (OO and Persuasive)

Please note that events with low registration may be combined with another event.

Misc. Notes:

Time Limits: Please be aware of the time limits for these events!

  • Apologetics is four minutes (no penalty for going over) (with three minute prep)
  • Expository is five minutes.
  • Impromptu is three minutes (with two minute prep)
  • Interpretation is four minutes.
  • Platform is five minutes.

Judges: Our elder competitors will be serving as judges for the junior's tournament. However, in order to judge juniors, competitors must be 14 years or older, or have one or more prior years of competition experience.

Script Submission: While no script submission is required, junior competitors are still required to cite authors, sources, and copyright dates in their pieces.

Attire: Tournament attire is Sunday best.

Awards: All competitors will be acknowledged at the award ceremony! Remember to be dressed in your Sunday best!

Apologetics Questions

1. Why should you study the Bible?
2. What is the Gospel and why is it the core of the Christian faith?
3. What does it mean that God is triune? Why is this important?
4. What evidence is there for the existence of God in our physical universe?
5. What does it mean that God is eternal? Why is this important?
6. Why is it important that Jesus Christ be both fully God and fully man?
7. What is the role of the Holy Spirit? Why is this important?
8. Does God reveal Himself to man? And if so, how?
9. Can God be both merciful and just to mankind?
10. Can a person do enough good in life to get into heaven?