Extemp Prep Room: A101 on Thursday and Friday. A104 on Saturday.

Prior to the tournament, please make sure your cell number is correct in your registration.

Rules & Protocol

  • Extemp will be run in accordance with the Extemp rules on the Stoa website.
  • The draw times & speech times are fixed. If you are late getting to the Prep Room, your prep time will be shortened. Speaker positions cannot be switched or changed.
  • Speaker 1 prep time will begin at the start of the Speech Round. Check the Speaker order before the round begins.
  • Competitors may only be in the Prep Room before or after the round or during their own prep time.
  • You are responsible to ensure that your computer is fully charged before your prep time begins. We can not guarantee access to electrical outlets in the room.


  • Students must accept full responsibility for the safety and security of their electronic devices for the duration of the tournament.
  • Tournament staff are not responsible for the devices at any time.
  • All electronic devices should be clearly labeled with the participant’s name and contact information.